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Fanuc Durus PLC Control Systems

Fanuc Durus PLC Control SystemFor value-based applications that have lower I/O needs, the Durus PLC control system is an all-in-one solution. This low-end controller brings you a design that will stand up to the rigors of hard use. It was built with the user in mind, with easy-to-use programming that will let you get up and running more quickly. Whether your application is outdoors or in an industrial environment, the Durus PLC control system provides a strong and steady controller solution at an excellent value.

A Rugged Design for Your Application

The Durus Controller is built to handle harsh environments with its rugged design. A solid slide and snap mechanical interlock to the expansion modules ensures a durable connection. The Durus can carry the load, with the isolated relay outputs supporting 8 amps of current resistance (2 amp inductance) per point. In environments where more delicate controllers might fail, the Durus stays strong.

Easy-To-Use Software Enables Rapid Programming

The Durus Controller software provides convenient program creation and editing for faster deployment. Programs can be saved on a computer and accessed at any time. They can also be uploaded from the controller and edited. The Durus software provides a simulation mode that allows users to virtually run and test the program before it is loaded to the controller, eliminating mistakes before they ever make it to the plant floor or production environment.

Designed for value-conscious PLC users

The Durus Controllers are ideal for applications requiring less than 44 inputs and outputs. It can provide significant cost savings by replacing timers and counters; it has a real time clock for timing applications. Its high voltage output can be used from controlling high voltage applications. The built-in programmer and operator interface allow for easy field modifications, eliminating time and cost in modifying.

Many Features in a Small Package

Durus Controllers offer a number of high-end features, including outstanding versatility. It is an all-in-one solution that provides the logic controller, built-in operator interface, navigation keys, I/O, and programmer together. It has a large range of communication options such as Profibus DP Slave, DeviceNet Slave, Modbus RTU Slave and Ethernet Server. It can be programmed in ladder logic or in Fuction Block Diagram programming languages.





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