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Field Control

Manufacturers can keep production costs low by using flexible I/O products that can fill a variety of application needs. Field Control I/O is modular system utilizing decentralized I/O and control technology, allowing each unit to act as a stand-alone controller. The result is significantly faster processing speeds and efficiency. Plus, the physical separation of logical control functions frees up panel space and cuts panel wiring by almost 50 percent.

Product Details

Discrete Input/Output Modules
Discrete Input/Output modules support a variety of voltage ranges, types, and current. In addition, the capacity and isolation time will meet the needs of your application. Features include individual LEDs that display the on/off status of each input or output circuit and 8- and 16- point module density options.

Analog Input/Output Modules

For use in control processes such as flow temperature and pressure, Analog Input/ Output Modules include RTD modules and a thermocouple. All modules are software configured and provide 12-16 bit resolution.

Genius Bus Interface Units

The Genius Bus interface provides a field control connection to the Genius Bus, allowing users to integrate Field Control I/P into Genius I/O installations.

FIP Bus Interface Unit

The Field Control Bus provides a Field Control connection to WorldFIP networks. In addition to supporting feature configuration, the Bus Interface Unit features diagnostic checks on itself and its I/O modules.

Profibus Bus Interface Unit

The Profibus Bus Interface Unit provides a Field Control connection to the Profibus-DP network. Profibus-DP is used for high-speed data transfer at the I/O level, including sensors and actuators.

Interbus-S Connection for Field Control I/O

The Horner Interbus-S Bus Interface Unit provides a connection between Field Control I/O and the Interbus-S Network.

LonWorks Bus Interface Unit

The LonWorks Bus Interface Module provides an interface between GE Fanuc Field Control distributed I/O and Echelon LonWorks networks. The Bus Interface Unit can interface with networks that use twisted pair cabling in bus, loop, or free-topology configurations.

Micro Field Processor

The Micro Field Processor adds the "Local Logic" or intelligence to a Field Control Station. By adding a Micro Field Processor, the user adds the power of local processing to a decentralized I/O station. A built-in communications port supports Series 90 protocols (SNP and SNPX).






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