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PACSystems RX3i

Unifying your process control system, making it more flexible and open to upgrades or conversions is possible with a programmable automation controller solution. PACSystems RX3i is affordable, easy to integrate and provides unprecedented freedom in application portability across multiple platforms. Driven by Proficy Machine Edition development software, it features a single control engine and universal programming to boost your overall automation performance.

Product Details

The innovative technology of the PACSystems RX3i enables users to:

  • Address major engineering and business issues, such as higher productivity and tighter cost control
  • Boost the overall performance of their automation systems
  • Reduce engineering and commissioning costs
  • Easily integrate new technology into installed base systems
  • Significantly decrease concerns regarding short-and long-term migration and platform longevity


  • High-speed processor and patented technology for faster throughput without information bottlenecks
  • Dual backplane bus support per module slot
  • High-speed, PCI-based for fast throughput of new advanced I/O
  • Serial backplane for easy migration of existing Series 90-30 I/O
  • Celeron (Pentium III) 300 mHz CPU for advanced programming and performance with 10Mbytes memory
  • Memory for ladder logic documentation and machine documentation (Word, Excel, PDF, CAD and other files in future releases) in the controller to reduce downtime and improve troubleshooting
  • Open communications support including Ethernet, GENIUS, Profibus, DeviceNet, and serial
  • Hot insertion for both new and migrated modules
  • Isolated 24VDC terminal for I/O modules and a grounding bar that reduces user wiring
  • Expanded I/O offering with extended features for faster processing, advanced diagnostics and a variety of configurable interrupts
  • Supports high density discrete I/O, universal analog (TC, RTD, Strain Gauge, Voltage and Current configurable per channel), isolated analog, high-density analog, high-speed counter, and motion modules





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