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PACSystems RX7i

What if you want your system to be more unified, flexible and open but also perform at higher levels for complex applications? PACSystems RX7i, like the other PACSystems, has a single control engine and universal programming to create a seamless migration path and deliver a true convergence of control choices. Yet, it also addresses mid-to high-end applications, with large memory and bandwidth and distributed I/O to handle all major system requirements.

Product Details

Continuing the Open Architecture Platform:

  • Complete, standards-based system (VME64), supporting many third-party, customer-developed boards
  • Upgrade CPUs quickly for continuing improved performance

Easy to Retrofit Existing Systems:

  • Upgrade hardware system for better performance, Ethernet networking, improved maintenance
  • Easy to install – replace main rack, CPU, power supply, keep the I/O

Proven Technology:

  • Building from current Series 90-70 system
  • Supports complete Genius® functionality

Bringing Your Technology Forward:

  • Total migration path – I/O and programming
  • Migration on your schedule, not ours





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