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Proficy SafetyNet

Certified SIL2 Safety System

SafetyNet imageSafetyNet is TUV certified for Process Shut Down (PSD), Emergency Shut   Down (ESD) Systems and Burner Management System (BMS) applications in industries such as Oil & Gas, Power and Energy, Specialty Chemical, and Water and Waste Water.

Safety Controllers

Safety control programs are downloaded to the logic solvers, which can only run applications developed in one of the 3 approved IEC 61131-3 programming languages. The logic solver monitors critical inputs and provides a safe response to any fault condition. The logic solver incorporates a rigorous redundancy model, manages safety approved peer-to peer communications with other safety controllers, and, with its open nature, interfaces to popular asset management software. A single logic solver provides a SIL 2 approved solution; a second redundant controller can be added for increased system availability.

Safety I/O Modules

The logic system interfaces to analog inputs with HART®, digital inputs and digital outputs. All modules have a 1oo1D safety architecture with run-time diagnostics. (1oo1D means 1 out of 1 voting with diagnostics, while 1oo2D would be a 1 out of 2 vote with diagnostics from redundant inputs.) Some field circuitry has a 1oo2D safety architecture to assure reliable failsafe operation.

Each channel of the analog input modules can acquire 4 dynamic variables and device status from each HART instrument, providing more process information to the control system from each device. The modules also support HART pass-through to popular asset management packages for device configuration, calibration and advanced diagnostics.





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