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Series 90-30

Today businesses are under pressure to make their operations more flexible which requires more versatile control solutions. Therefore, GE-IP offers the Series 90-30 PLCs to provide a wide range of functions from simple relay replacement to sophisticated mid-range automation. With over a 100 discrete and analog I/O modules and an innovative architecture and modular design, you can have the exact application you need and expand your system as your company grows.

Product Details


Series 90-30 CPUs

For entry-level applications with low I/O counts, the CPU is embedded into the backplane allowing all slots available for I/O. The high-performance CPUs are based on the Intel 386EX processor for fast computation and high throughput. They can handle up to 4,096 I/O and start at 32K of memory and are programmable in a number of standard languages.

The new CPU374 has an AMDSC520 processor running at 133 Megahertz. In addition to high speed processing, the Series 90-30 CPU374 features a built-in Ethernet switch with two 10/100Mbit ports (RJ-45). The CPU374 built-in Ethernet supports one IP address. The CPU374 Ethernet ports are auto-sensing for data rate, duplicity, and cable crossover.

The CPU374 supports SRTP server and Ethernet Global Data (EGD) protocol. The CPU374 is compatible with the EZ Program Store device that enables users to download program and configuration without a computer.

The CPU374 has a Boolean execution of 0.15 milliseconds per K, has 240Kbytes of configurable memory and is programmed in RLD, C or State Logic®. Up to 4096 I/O, remote and local, are supported by the CPU374.

Power Supplies

Series 90-30 power supplies are tied into the performance of the CPU for simplex, fail-safe, and fault tolerance. Advanced diagnostics and built-in smart switch fusing are among other performance and safety features. New Redundant Series 90-30 Power Supply Option.

Distributed I/O Communications

The Series 90-30 has a variety of communications options available including Ethernet, Genius, Series 90 Protocol (SNP), and RTU.

I/O Modules

A genuine distinction of the Series 90-30 is in its I/O. There are over 38 different discrete I/O types and 17 analog I/O types, including: high-speed counters, I/O processors, programmable coprocessors, temperature controls, servo motion controllers, and PC coprocessors.

Specialty Modules

Specialty modules include thermocouples, RTD, millivolt/strain gauge, sequence of event recorders, isolated analog, modem modules, and a pneumatic valve output module.

Programming Software

Programming options for the Series 90-30 are Ladder Logic, SFC, "C", or State Logic. "C" programming enables users to handle complex calculations that were once only performed by large and expensive PLCs.




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