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Series 90-70

With more complex manufacturing processes, come more demanding applications that require powerful and sophisticated controllers. The Series 90-70 is designed to meet the challenges for applications such as advanced batch processing, triple modular redundancy and high-speed processing. Based on Intel microprocessor technology, these high performance controllers can handle large amounts of I/O and greater process memory for the most complicated productions.

Features and Specs

Series 90-70 CPU
The Series 90-70 CPUS are based on Intel microprocessors, enabling technology performance enhancements.

Power Supplies and Racks

The power supplies are easy to install and can supply power for up to two racks through prewired cables. The racks can be used for CPU, local and remote I/O.

Discrete I/O Modules

GE IP offers a wide variety of modules that support different voltage ranges and types, current capacities, isolation, and response times to meet your application requirements. High density 64 I/O modules are now available.

Analog I/O Modules

The high-density analog I/O modules offer easy-to-use analog I/O modules for control processes, such as flow, temperature, and pressure. High density, 64 channels, isolated, and high resolution analog now available.

Specialty Modules

Specialty modules include a single-slot programmable coprocessor module (PCM), and a high-performance microcomputer that functions as both a communication module and a programmable module. Powerful new single board computer is now available for complex applications that won't tax the logic controller.


Communication Modules

Communication modules include industry-standard LAN Ethernet controllers, the Genius bus controller, a communications coprocessor module for serial communications, an I/O link module for master/slave communications, and the Horner Series Six I/O interface. Fiber-optic high-speed deterministic network that allows multiple devices to share large amounts data quickly and efficiently.

I/O Bus Modules

The Series 90-70 FIP bus controller enables the Series 90-70 PLC to connect to WorldFIP networks. The WorldFIP protocol is part of the European fieldbus standard EN50170.

Hot Backup PLC Redundancy Software

Hot-standby redundancy models now support dual Genius LANs for no single point of failure, and scan synchronized CPUs for bumpless transfer of control.

Programming Software

Programming options for the Series 90-70 are CIMPLICITY Control (a graphical package that is compatible with Windows NT and 95); Logicmaster 90 (GE IP's legacy programmer for Series 90 PLCs); and "C" Developers's Toolkit.


Accessories and Cables

With the fully integrated hardware and software, the OCS offers easy installation and faster set-up.




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