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Ease of use and leveraging existing systems are vital factors when deciding what I/O products you want for your operation. VersaPoint I/O provides remarkable flexibility with quick and easy installation. Connecting to a wide variety of PLCs, DCSs, and PC-based control systems, its modular construction accommodates discrete, analog and specialized I/O modules. Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for distributed systems with small but varied requirements.

Product Details

Outstanding Flexibility

VersaPoint's modular construction is easily adaptable to scores of applications. It accommodates a series of discrete and analog I/O modules with densities from 1 to 16 points. VersaPoint also supports a host of specialized modules, from RTD and Thermocouple inputs to positioning and counter modules, in effect combining intelligent automation with the simplicity of terminal technology.

Compact Size

VersaPoint conserves valuable control panel real estate by eliminating the need for interposing terminals. Its compact yet versatile design yields space savings up to 50 percent compared to conventional systems.

Reduced Installation Time

Installing VersaPoint couldn't be quicker or easier. The I/O modules snap quickly and securely onto a DIN rail. Thanks to its integrated I/O terminals and internal power bus, VersaPoint reduces wiring by as much as 80 percent.

The Cost-Efficient Solution

Fast installation, reduced wiring, and more efficient use of cabinet space all come together to make VersaPoint an exceptional value. The cost savings continue during operation. Extensive built-in diagnostics make identifying faults a matter of routine, maximizing uptime.




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