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VersaMax Micro Nano

For operational environments where panel space is limited but high volume applications and processor speeds are required, we offer VersaMax Micro Nano PLC. With its all-in-one construction, this compact PLC provides maximum functionality, including up to 64 I/O points (expandable to 176 I/O points), fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory to multiply your programming options. Its modular design allows for flexibility and easy installation.

Product Details

Select the Big-Featured PLC in a Compact Package

The small footprint VersaMax Micro PLC offers the flexibility of modular design and a variety of built-in features, including up to 64 I/O points (expandable to 176 I/O points), fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory that multiplies your programming options.

Tap the Perfect Solution for Low-End Motion Applications

Both the VersaMax Nano and Micro can be used with either a PWM or a pulse train device. In addition, both controllers come with built-in high-speed counters that can be used in either Type A or Type B configurations. The new Micro 64 supports four 100Khz high-speed counters and four 65Khz PWM or pulse train outputs for high speed motion applications.

Take Advantage of a Host of Communications Options

Both the VersaMax Nano and Micro have an RS-232 port that can be used for SNP slave, Modbus RTU or serial I/O commands. The Micro 23 and Micro 28 also have an RS-485 port that adds SNP master and Modbus Master commands. With serial I/O commands, you can interface with such devices as pagers, intelligent scales, bar code readers and printers. The new Micro 64 has a second option port that supports either RS-232, RS-485 or USB communications module.

The VersaMax Nano and Micro can easily be networked to Ethernet utilizing the powerful VersaMax SE (Serial to Ethernet module).

Easy Trouble Shooting and Machine Setup Using a Handheld PDA

Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PDA software allows you to interface a Palm® handheld device to your VersaMax Micro and Nano. With Logic Developer PDA, you can monitor/change data, view diagnostics, force ON/OFF, and configure machine setup - saving you time and increasing productivity.

Program Your Controllers in Record Time

With GE-IP's VersaPro(tm) or Proficy(tm) Machine Edition software, programming your VersaMax Nano and Micro PLCs is a simple and intuitive process. Mix Relay Ladder Diagram and Instruction List programming within an application. Develop and save custom view tables. View PLC and I/O system fault tables on demand. The Micro 64 supports a portable program FLASH Memory Module that provides a simple cost effective way of upgrading field controllers.




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