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Versamax PLC Control System

Fanuc Versamax PLC Control SystemWhile PLCs should be both powerful and reliable, some operations require the added features of flexibility and versatility for their controllers. For this reason, GE IP has developed the VersaMax PLC, part of an innovative control system that combines a powerful CPU with a broad selection of I/O modules, terminations, and power supplies. Plus, its communication modules link to a variety of networks.

Product Details


The VersaMax's powerful processors with up to 128K of memory for application programs, floating point math, real-time clock, subroutines, PID, Flash memory, and bumpless run mode provides a powerhouse of versatility in a small package. It includes automatic I/O addressing - extensive diagnostics with an internal fault table and LEDs that indicate system faults and I/O forces - freeing up the operator to concentrate on maintaining the highest quality. The CPUE05 processor has built-in Ethernet functionality.


Network Communication Modules

Network Communication Modules allow the VersaMax Controller to reside on several industry-standard networks. The Profibus version of the NCM allows VersaMax to be a slave on a Profibus-DP network. The Profibus NCM supports high-speed data rates - up to 12Mbits/second. The DeviceNet version of the NCM provides both Master and Slave capability and provides a low-cost communications link to industrial devices using CANbus technology. The AS-Interface NCM is a Master module providing connectivity to low-level sensor and actuator slave devices.


Network Interface Units

The Network Units interface to the Genius Network, the Profibus Network, the DeviceNet Network, and the Ethernet Network. These NIUs provide you with the network connection that you need for your high-speed factory-floor communications.

Power Supplies

VersaMax Power Supply modules snap onto any VersaMax CPU or NIU, or onto a power supply booster carrier. Each power supply can be used as the main power source for modules in the I/O station, or as a supplemental source for larger I/O applications.

I/O Modules

VersaMax has a wide range of both analog and digital I/O modules, including discrete input, discrete output, discrete mixed I/O modules, analog input, analog output, and analog mixed I/O modules to meet any of your discrete or processing requirements.


VersaPro Programming Software

Just some of the capabilities of VersaPro include: hardware configuration, configuration editing, using real-time updates for direct monitoring, variable and reference view tables, and a number of other helpful tools for both operators and engineers.


Accessories & Cables

GE-IP provides a full range of accessories and cables to meet your application needs and system requirements.





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