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Motion Control

Whether you want to improve your machine productivity with better cycle rates and motion accuracy or optimize your existing system with integrated programming and flexible control expansion option. GE Intelligent Platforms has the motion control system solutions. Their products provide the level of functionality, from simple to complex machine control, that best fits your operation backed by GE's broad industry experience and the reliability of our global support.

PACMotion is a high-end motion controller for high speed and highly complex applications that need the most complete control available in the marketplace.

DSM - PLC Based Motion Control
A Distributed Motion Control (DMC) system able to receive commands, programs and data from PCs, PLCs, or networks, improving machine and engineering as well as application flexibility.

VersaMax Micro Plus
The VersaMax Micro Plus has built in motion control tools and an expansion MicroMotion module to provide finely tuned motion control in less complex applications.

S2K - Standalone Motion Control
This highly integrated design reduces the number of system components as well as programming and implementation costs while offering a broad power range for servo and stepper motors.

α and βi Series Servos
The αi and βi Series Servos line offer high performance and reliability for your motion needs.

VersaMotion Servos
The VersaMotion Servo family is a versatile solution for cost effective motion control applications and single axis stand-alone control.





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