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GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI - CIMPLICITY

Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY - CIMPLICITY is an ideal solution for all applications, while offering enhanced operation in highly discrete environments. CIMPLICITY offers special fit functionality for applications and industries including: Automotive, Aerospace, Machining, Semiconductor, CNC, Motion Control, Consumer Packaged Goods and Power Generation.

CIMPLICITY has been used in all industries – from process to discrete, to system monitoring. It is extremely well suited for discrete applications, and handles very large amounts of digital signals and alarm bursts. Its advanced Client/Sever architecture makes it easy to start small and expand your system. Its flexibility and value-add options allow you to easily extend and customize a solution to meet your business needs.


  • Powerful Monitoring and Control Over Your Production
  • Ease of Use for New and Experienced Users
  • Robust Connectivity to Other Software, Systems and Devices
  • Powerful Thin Client Technologies
  • True Client / Server Architecture for Easy Scalability
  • Sophisticated Alarming & Trending
  • OPC Client, Server, and Alarm & Events
  • Native Drivers and OPC Device Connectivity


  • Action Calendar – Calendar based event control
  • HMI for CNC – Connectivity to Fanuc CNCs
  • Marquee – Display alarm or event messages to marquee devices
  • Pager – Send alarms to paging devices
  • Recipes – Manage and download set points to multiple controllers
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control integrated with alarm management
  • System Sentry – Monitor and alarm off key computer parameters such as memory or disk space
  • WebView – Thin Client for displaying graphic screens
  • Terminal Services – Thin Client for full capabilities including remote development and maintenance
  • VCR – Visual CIMPLICITY Replay provides powerful analysis by replaying logged data back through your screens




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