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Proficy DataMart

DataMart ImageProficy DataMart addresses your need for more intelligence from more places across your operations – expanding the proven value proposition of Proficy Plant Applications to provide better analytical capabilities at the plant level while making enterprise-level analysis a reality. This enterprise software application strengthens the Proficy Production Management Software suite’s core Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) capabilities, supplying access to the accurate, timely product, process and production information vital to your strategic and operational success.


  • Provides a single, unifying view into operational performance by reaching deep within production operations across a plant, a business unit or an enterprise
  • Reduces the time, cost and complexity of developing sophisticated ad-hoc reports and analyses
  • Enterprise-wide architecture provides a high-performance analytical platform scalable from one to many sites that empowers performance benchmarking within the plant and across the enterprise
  • Multi-server, multi-time zone, multi-language capabilities support operations around the clock by connecting to multiple Proficy sites locally, regionally and around the world
  • Puts information in a form you can understand by leveraging your naming conventions, metrics and calculations – removing the need to understand the production database schemas
  • Exposes information to Proficy Portal, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and any OLAP-compliant reporting or analysis tool to support existing data warehousing and Business Intelligence strategies

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