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Proficy Quality

The Plant Applications Quality module helps you increase product quality by lowering waste, reducing scrap and significantly lowering product recall costs. The application supports consistent product quality levels throughout your operations, helping to improve your production while increasing your customer satisfaction rates. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers launching Six Sigma and other process improvement initiatives.


  • Improve the quality and consistency of products and processes
  • Define product specifications and recipes that are required for quality production
  • Capture reasons for out-of-spec conditions
  • Integrate process and laboratory data
  • Trend and analyze quality data across shifts, work cells and products to identify the root cause in problem areas
  • Lower costs of production by reducing waste and rejects
  • Reduce rejects and downgrades
  • Reduce customer complaints and returns
  • Speed compliance with ISO, 21 CFR Part 11 and other internal and external requirements
  • Maintain consistent, high quality production through real-time monitoring and visibility
  • Create ad-hoc quality reports to address quality issues based on performance improvement and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Calculate quality KPIs and publish them to the web
  • Notify and alert personnel to out-of-spec conditions

 Proficy Plant Apps  4.4
   Learn more about GE Fanuc's new release of Plant Apps 4.4.




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