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Proficy Plant Applications (most call it "Plant Apps") is ironically one single software package and a key part of the Proficy software suite, automating and integrating the information related activities for managing production execution and performance optimization holistically, helping businesses balance the tradeoffs across the many competing priorities of production operations. It significantly reduces clerical burden on production and support personnel, while providing a potent manufacturing execution and manufacturing intelligence environment infused into the operation for tracking and optimizing operating efficiency, energy and resource consumption, product and process quality, environmental and product safety compliance, schedule execution, WIP inventory tracking, genealogy / traceability, and more.

With Proficy Plant Apps, you can:

  • Manage business objectives and drive them into the manufacturing operation, such as: production schedules, work instructions, quality specs, test frequencies, bills of materials, machine set-points, and recipes
  • Track the actual outcomes as they occur, automatically with minimal intrusion on the operators, such as: quality data, process conditions, energy consumption, environmental events, and other adverse situation events, like equipment downtime and waste
  • Monitor conformance and communicate with automated pop-up alarms and emails for fast appropriate response, to prevent and minimize problems to assure compliance and optimum performance
  • Capture details of causes and actions taken related to exceptions, like downtime events, scrap/waste, off- spec quality, schedule deviations, and the like.

With Proficy Plant Apps and the rest of the Proficy Suite:

  • Proficy DataMart consolidates data from multiple Plant Apps operational databases, leveraging OLAP and cubes for easier to build and better performing custom reports for the enterprise
  • Proficy Maintenance Gateway enables Plant Apps to automatically trigger and track maintenance work orders in MAXIMO and SAP EAM/CMMS systems
  • Proficy Scheduler provides finite capacity scheduling tools to help planners interactively optimize production schedules for Plant Apps
  • Proficy WorkFlow leverages “actionable intelligence” into “intelligent action”, for more directed interaction with people, and systems
  • Proficy Open Enterprise, based on Proficy WorkFlow, is the new way for ERP integration with Plant Apps, replacing Enterprise Connector
  • Proficy Troubleshooter and Cause+ provide additional real-time insight into process relationships to help optimize and balance key parameters
  • Proficy Historian is a high performance source of raw data for Plant Apps, reliably collecting and archiving tremendous volumes of continuous data from many sources
  • Proficy Pulse, iFIX, and Cimplicity provide a means of Flexible GUI for Plant Apps - and via web browser when combined with Proficy WebSpace or GlobalView

Proficy Portal provides sophisticated views and graphics for web-based monitoring and analysis of data and information from a wide variety of disparate systems and contexts




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