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Proficy Process Systems Architecture

PPS Architecture

The Proficy Process Systems architecture is designed to provide a modular and expandable system to meet your most demanding process control needs. Proficy Process Systems can uniquely range from a small, one-machine architecture to a large, multi-machine architecture. This approach means you can start small and expand your system over time, at your pace. The system consists of several layers. 

Applications Layer

The Applications Layer contains the software that powers the information capabilities of Proficy Process Systems, featuring:

  • Engineering Workstation – This is where you design, create, and maintain your system’s configuration. With an advanced Logic Developer, you can create your control strategies in Function Blocks, Ladder Logic, or Structured Text for the PACSystem controllers.
  • Operator Console – This is where your operators monitor and control the process. Choose between our two industry leading HMI/SCADA visualization technologies for your system – CIMPLICITY or iFIX. The consoles communicate with the PACSystems controllers through our Global Namespace.
  • Historian – The Historian is designed specifically for handling process data. It provides high performance storage & retrieval with sub-second collection and millisecond time-stamping.
  • Change Management – Change Management provides version control for your process control strategies, including audit trail capabilities.
  • Batch Execution – Batch Execution is the perfect option for batch-oriented processes. With advanced batch management, formulation management, batch direct, and tight linkage with our Batch Analysis option, you can optimize campaigns and batch runs.
  • ERP Connectivity – GE Fanuc has closed the gap between automation and information with our Proficy Production Management software products and ERP connector. Now you can link your control system to your business systems to truly drive operational excellence in your business. 


The PACSystems RX3i and RX7i give Proficy Process Systems its flexibility, featuring a common engine which allows you to take programs that are created in one controller and easily move them to another. 

Proficy Process Systems also features Control Memory Exchange, a breakthrough technology we incorporated from our Embedded Systems Business. Through high-speed fiber optics, Control Memory Exchange allows data in one controller to be exchanged and shared with another controller at over a 2 giga baud rate. This allows you to synchronize controllers for distributed control, or reflect the memory state of one controller to another for redundant operations. 

Fieldbus and I/O

GE Intelligent Platforms has always taken an open approach with our products and technologies. We provide our customers with the best possible technology and give them the freedom to work with the devices and instruments of their choice. 

Proficy Process Systems continues with that tradition. We understand that when it comes to process control, there are several choices for Fieldbuses. That’s why we chose an Open Fieldbus approach to our system which supports all major Fieldbuses. 

We also provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of I/O, allowing you to choose the right strategy to meet your needs. Through OPC, native drivers, and by teaming with companies that specialize in Fieldbus and I/O connectivity, we can satisfy your connectivity needs – putting you in control of your Fieldbus strategy. 



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