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What's New in Proficy Process Systems 1.5

Proficy Process Systems – Version 1.5 PPS Image
GE Intelligent Platforms is pleased to announce the release of Proficy Process Systems - Version 1.5. This new release brings the feature of dynamic updates for Ethernet Global Data exchanges, Run Mode Store Transfer List Changes, an upgrade to iFIX 4.5 and CIMPLICITY 7.5 visualization technologies, a new 3-state device control block, and an upgrade to the Batch option to Proficy Batch Execution 5.1.

Dynamic Ethernet Global Data Exchanges 
With this release of the product it is no longer necessary to stop the controller to update the Ethernet Global Data (EGD) exchanges. With version 1.0, customers needed to create spare PPS blocks and exchanges ahead of time to handle making EGD modifications to their control strategies without the need to stop the controller. That restriction has been removed with this release of the product, allowing new PPS blocks and exchanges to be created and dynamically added to the controller without the need to stop the controller. 

Run Mode Store Transfer List Changes 
This release of the product provides for Run Mode Store Transfer List changes. The user will be allowed to add, delete, and modify transfer list entries in a run mode store. A transfer list entry can either be a raw address or a symbolic variable that has been designated for input and/or output transfer. When two redundant controllers are synchronized, the redundant transfer list can only be stored in a dual RMS. Dual RMS provides a way for customer to insure simultaneous activation of run mode store items across two controllers in a redundant system. 

3 State Device Control Block 
A new 3 State Device Control Block has been added to the system. The states can be configured by the user. As an example, the states for a three state motor could be forward, reverse, and off. The states for a three state valve might be closed, intermediate, and opened. Devices with three speed modes might have the states labeled as slow, fast, and off. Introduction of this new block adds to the power and flexibility of the system. 

Upgrade to iFIX 4.5 and CIMPLICITY 7.5 Visualization Technologies 
Proficy Process Systems provides you the option of either iFIX and CIMPLICITY as your visualization for the system. With this release, iFIX has been upgraded to the 4.5 release and CIMPLICITY to the 7.5 release. 

As a reminder - Never upgrade a technology that is part of Process Systems separately. Example – a new version of iFIX or CIMPLICITY is released. You must not install this onto a Process Systems node. You must wait for the Process Systems version that includes it. Installing a separate product CD or DVD onto a Process System could seriously affect the operation of the system and is not supported. 

Proficy Batch 5.1 Included on System DVD 
GE Intelligent Platforms can provide customers with a complete and comprehensive Batch solution with our Proficy Process Systems and Proficy Batch Execution offerings. When combined, these allow a customer to create, maintain, schedule, and run their batch operations. To make the installation of Batch easier with Proficy Process Systems, the Batch Execution software is included on the Proficy Process Systems installation DVD. As a reminder, Batch Execution is still purchased separately as an option. 



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