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GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Logic RX Software

Today’s pharmaceutical manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to increase capacity utilization, reduce manufacturing cycle times and inventory, and improve product quality. The difference between success and failure often lies in the ability to adapt to changing market trends and embrace new technologies and methodologies. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is well positioned to have a significant impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing and to drive greater efficiency and utilization.

GE Fanuc's Proficy Logic RX SoftwareGE Fanuc's Proficy Logic Rx is a software application specifically designed for Process Analytical Technologies. It provides standardized control and networking of multiple instruments, insures similar data formats and protocols, and provides a single development environment for system design, analysis and control. Dedicated tools ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


  • Sample system design and control
  • Simultaneous control of multiple analyzers
  • Real-time trending of any number of streams
  • System diagnostics, data display, and alarming
  • Archiving of data in a local or remote SQL data base
  • Comprehensive historical data analysis

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