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Proficy SOA

An Industrial Service Oriented Architecture

Proficy SOA ImageYour business faces constant change – ranging from new product lines and fluctuating customer demand to acquisitions and evolving regulations. 

Improve your ability to respond to change, now and over the coming years, by properly architecting your production infrastructure with an industrial Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). 

Based on industry standards, Proficy SOA offers the foundation for responding to changing business needs using your existing production systems. This Industrial SOA software provides the real-time platform to achieve a centralized production configuration and management environment – including messaging backbone with plant-wide data asset model and activity model. Solve production challenges with composite applications that leverage your existing systems through an industrial SOA data and services repository. 

With Proficy SOA, you can consolidate and simplify systems, lower operating costs, respond more quickly to changing needs, and ease training. Empower production domain experts to create solutions, without demands on IT. Additionally, replicate systems faster across your business – lowering implementation costs, decreasing risk and speeding time to market. 

Real-Time Middleware and SOA

  • Centralized Configuration and Management Environment
  • Diverse Client and 3rd Party Hosting Container
  • Real-Time Services Bus – for data and functionality
  • Service Provider Interface for 3rd Party and Legacy System Integration
  • Global Data and Services Repository
  • Role-Based Security
  • Event Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Object-Relational Persistence Engine
  • S88/S95 Data Models
  • Application Development Foundation 

Data Models – S95 Compliant

  • Equipment Model
  • Personnel Model
  • Material Model
  • Product Definition
  • Product Parameters
  • Personnel Specifications
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Material Specifications
  • Process Segments
  • Product Segments
  • Work Order

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