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GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Troubleshooter

Proficy Troubleshooter is a powerful analytical tool that utilizes leading-edge techniques to extract knowledge from existing historical process and manufacturing plant data. This tools are used off-line to identify causes for production problems and identify the opportunity for preventing these problems in the future. Proficy Troubleshooter can be used for batch, discrete as well as continuous processes. It provides a user with the capability to visualize process problems and their causes through modeling and simulating the process by using available historical plant data. This knowledge is put into practice with Proficy Cause+ monitoring the assets in real-time and giving operators the knowledge they need to keep their process in control. Proficy Troubleshooter enables the “Intelligent Historian” that is clearly differentiated from, and more valuable than competing historians.

Proficy Troubleshooter is a value-added product to Proficy Historian that enables the user to obtain more value, using multivariate analysis on historical data. With this product the user can:

  • Advanced Process Analytics
  • Multi Variant Analysis
  • Plant Asset Monitoring
    • Monitor key assets to predict maintenance or replacement
  • Obtain the likely causes of process problems & variation
  • Extract process rules automatically from data
  • Determine the causes for bad batches
  • Obtain interrelationships between variables
  • Estimate the benefits of implementing a real-time solution
  • Build and simulate a real-time solution before later migrating to other Proficy solutions like Proficy Cause+ 

Data has been logged in manufacturing for years. Analysis of that data has evolved from simple trend analysis with a time context to a full operations understanding of efficiency, quality, production management, and traceability. Proficy Troubleshooter brings us to the next step and uses advanced mathematical algorithms to gain insight into our process we have not had. This results in the knowledge to improve quality and yield from our production and process operations. 




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