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Proficy Maintenance Gateway

Proficy Maintenance Gateway ImageWith Proficy Maintenance Gateway, you have the capability to drive plant and corporate maintenance systems with accurate, timely production data straight off the shop floor. This software solution brings capabilities that are strategic – to you and us, and you can count on GE Intelligent Platforms to bring greater value to your EAM system.

Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to compete in a global economy. You’re focused on better utilizing capital investments by increasing returns on assets, invested capital, and owner’s equity. At the same time, you need to reduce cost by optimizing inventories and increasing inventory turnover. 

Moving from Reactive to Reliable

Driving improvements in asset reliability can reduce failure rates within your plants and, in turn, reduce downtime on your equipment. Your plant’s availability can improve, resulting in increased production capacity. This drives better Return on Assets. Additionally, the transformational process to move from a reactive to a reliability-centered maintenance strategy can drive improvements in production readiness. 

Embarking on a path to increase asset reliability can result in the following benefits to your organization:

  • Raise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Increase return on production assets
  • Decrease time to Repair
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Complete PM Work Orders on-time
  • Enhance Lean/Six Sigma initiatives
  • Reduce MRO Inventory
  • Leverage Corporate Purchasing Power
  • Boost return on your installed EAM solution

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